What Kind of Bedding Do Hotels Use?

One reason a person books a hotel is to get sleep and relax after a long journey. That is why it’s essential that hotels use good quality bedding as the comfort of guests should be the hotel’s priority. Thus, hotel beds must be good. All is not good if your mattress is of premium quality, but the bedsheet is rough and uncomfortable. So let’s see how hotels ensure comfortable bedding. How do they provide the quality of it their bedding, which helps retain guests? To answer this question click here.

Bedding requirements by the hotels

The quality of bedding depends on the type of hotel one is staying in. If the hotel is 5star, bedding will meet the standards. While a luxury hotel will use premium quality bedding to retain its guests. Moreover, hotels do keep in mind the thread count to evaluate which bedding to use. Following are some pointers hotels keep in mind:


Polyester bedding, which is rough and scratchy, is a no. Hence, most of the hotels use bedding made up of cotton. Cotton is also of various types. You’ll find polycotton, which is an affordable yet comfortable option. 100% cotton is breathable, which also ensures uninterrupted sleep. Therefore, primarily cotton is used as it’s good at a touch and doesn’t make you sweat throughout the night.


As a single hotel bedding is used multiple times by different people, it must be regularly washed. However, it should also be durable if you have to clean it regularly and use it repeatedly. Thus, the bedding that hotels buy is durable and has a long life. Selecting good quality bedding allows the hotel to reuse it over and over again, eliminating the need to spend money on new beddings.

Easy to handle

As the beddings at hotels are washed regularly, it is important that the bedding is easy to handle and stick into the washing machine. Hence the pillows need to be of high quality too.

What thread counts do hotels prefer?

We all think that thread count is the primary indicator to check the quality of the bedding. But the fact is that the quality of the material used is more important than the thread count. This is the reason why the ideal choice is 100% cotton. The thread counts hotels go for are more than 180.

Colors of Hotel Beddings

Most of the hotels use white color as their hotel bedding. The first reason for choosing white bedding is that it is easier to clean, and guests can tell how clean the bedding is as white is a color that catches stains quickly. Other than white, hotels prefer going towards grey or cream-colored beddings.

Why do hotel sheets feel so comfortable?

Apart from the quality of the bedding and bedsheets, housekeepers play a vital role in maintaining the quality of the sheets. They use a fine mist of water to remove any wrinkles from the sheet.

In conclusion, hotels must use good beddings to retain their customers and increase their ratings. The beddings they order are in bulk. Therefore we, as individuals, are unable to find good quality bedding, which is also affordable.