McAlister’s: What Is Fast Casual Restaurant?

In the service industry, it is all about finding a niche, analyzing the demands of that market, and exploiting. One such niche is the fast-casual niche. It borrows heavily from the fast-food restaurant or outlet but with better quality food and a touch of fine dining. And when it comes to fast-casual restaurants, one of the largest chains in America is McAlister’s Deli. Founded in Oxford, Mississippi, the chain of restaurants has grown, expanding its stores to 28 states.

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To define what a fast-casual restaurant is, we made use of McAlister’s Deli menu and other features.

A more wholesome menu

While the fast-food market has quite the demand, an increasing population is becoming more and more conscious of their health. Diet is a key component. Fast-casual restaurants came to bridge that gap. McAllister’s Deli’s menu is full of less processed and more wholesome food. The food chain advertises high-quality and organic ingredients, fruits, and vegetables. Such options are not available at fast-food joints.

You are bound to see sandwiches, salads, and other healthier options. It does not mean that they are any less delicious or tasty.

More expensive,

If you compare the average check at McAlister to more popular fast-food restaurants, you will come to the same conclusion: fast-casual restaurants are more expensive. A typical fast-food meal could cost between $3 to $7. Compared to fast-casual restaurants, you can be expected to pay between $9 to $11 per person.

Please have a seat

Have you ever been to a McAlister’s Deli? The management is intentional in the setup and interior design. Fast-casual restaurants want to have you around. They have ample sitting space, both indoors and outdoors, where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner. The seats and table are comfortable and the ambiance is just right. Very few patrons would opt to take their food to go and would rather choose to have it there.

Fast-casual restaurants are becoming a cheaper option for romantic dates/dinners. You can enjoy good, quality food at an affordable price.

The success

McAlister’s Deli has experienced some success in the food industry. The company opened its 400th store in 2017. And while the market niche is always seeing new entrants on a daily basis, there is much to suggest that McAlister is not going anywhere.

They have a good business model going on, taking advantage of the American populace’s affinity for eating out. They offer quality food and you are waited upon by professional servers. If you not on your way to a McAlister’s Deli by now, I don’t know what you are waiting for.