Tips for Choosing the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

When it comes to the social media world, there’s nothing as important as having the best profile picture. It spells a lot about who you are and what you deal with. Spending some time and effort, modeling it should be a breeze if you know the basic tricks and tips.

Here are some of them:

Choose between a professional or personal photo

You can’t mix business with personal stuff. You have to create boundaries and define terms before you jump into anything. This means that before posting anything on the page, you already have defined the purpose of the account. Doing this will help you differentiate between professional logos or personal photos. Once you’ve got a hang of this, you have something that makes decision-making easy.

Business logos can go to retail, media, and professional services. While personal photos can go to photographers, food and travel bloggers, social media influencers, and solopreneurs.

Be careful with dimensions and ratios

If you are not a math guru, don’t worry. This is easier than all the arithmetic you did in school. Earlier, we said that your profile picture tells users who you are and what you deal with. If that’s the case, then we don’t have a photo where the message is cropped or where half of your face is the only thing we see!

That’s crazy. We need the message or the photo to be at the center. In that way, any Instagram user will not struggle to see what you were portraying. In practice, you need to upload photos in which the person or logo is in the middle – preferably a square photo – and where the aspect ratio is 1:1.

Understand the power of contrast

Your profile picture is a work of art. If you want to make it pop, you want the logo or photo to have significant contrast with the background. This gives it the pop effect and can leave a great impression on potential new followers. It will also make sure that your picture or message stands out from the crowd.

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Have something related to your niche

If you are a life coach, you can post the logo of your current podcast or e-book you’ve currently published. If you are an artist, you can post a piece of art that inspires you or a historical figure in your endeavor. The goal is to communicate using the profile picture. Once they read your bio and see your matching profile picture, Instagram users might take a peek at your profile.

Do not select a caught-in the moment photo

What do we mean? Maybe you were caught at the moment with a particular season. Maybe you had a great time during one of your business events. Or Christmas and Halloween were fantastic. That’s great, but it’s not worth putting on your profile picture. If you do, then it means you will keep on changing with the seasons. Your customers will be confused with you. Especially when you don’t update the photo regularly. It’s better to give a neutral aspect to the profile picture by eliminating the background from your picture.

A neutral photo gives the Instagram user room for judgment with no confusion. Since you have cleared the clutter from your photos, it will be up to the user to give value to your profile.