Difference Between Private And Unlisted YouTube Videos

Just as on any social media platform, YouTubers at times get an opportunity to select who can view their vlogs and who can’t. There are special settings which we will discuss later in this article together with their advantages and disadvantages.

As a vlogger, you have to train your viewers how to view private YouTube videos. You also have to train them that they cannot share a link with someone who does not have permission to view the videos.

What are public videos?

These are videos open to anyone for viewing on YouTube. Both your subscribers and non-subscribers can view your content. In addition to this, these videos appear on the recommendation list and if anyone searches for the keywords, they can find your content and view it.

Note that viewers can interact with your content, send comments. They can also share a link to your channel or specific video with other people.

This category has its advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages include a large audience of your uploads, as anyone can watch and interact with the vlogs. If you monetize your content under public settings, you get a chance to earn more money.

Some disadvantages of this include receiving negative comments from people who do not appreciate your content and having people retrieve your videos even after deleting them.

What is the difference between private and unlisted videos?

Private videos are videos the creator allows up to 50 viewers via a link and permits them, while unlisted videos are videos that do not appear on the search list or among the recommended videos.

There are advantages and disadvantages of sharing YouTube videos with a smaller audience.


Privacy. You only get to share videos with someone or a group of people. Anyone you grant permission to watch and have a link is the only party that can watch the video.

Saves storage space. Vloggers can save space as not every video is made visible. One only stores what they’d like to share with other people.

Makes work easy. If you are reaching out to potential clients and would like to share some information with them, either about yourself or your company, this is an effective strategy for you.

Evaluate minimal data. With only 50 viewers, it is easy to tell whether the content you made is relevant or not. Comments will encourage you to come up with content like that or make improvements in the future.


Minimum interaction. A maximum of only 50 people gets the chance to interact with your content.

Sugar-coated feedback. The probability of sharing your private videos with people who care about your well-being is high. This way, your loved ones will only put out positive comments encouraging you to do well while you might need some corrections.

Difficult to monetize. Compared to the amount of money you would attract from public views, you only get a chance to earn a little. This is because YouTube pays you depending on the number of views from your posted content.