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Dead Hand in Poker: What is it, and When Does It Appear?

Poker, just like all games, has rules within it. Every casino has its own rules. But people are people and might want to go contrary to those rules. We want something exciting and new, just like the novel exciting platform SAgaming.

Ignorance of the law doesn’t exempt them from applying to a person, and the same rule applies in poker.  It’s important to know that casinos dealers will be out on the look for these small, unhidden subtleties and point them out even when a game is going on.

The funny thing is that players rarely look into the instructions. As long as they know how to play the game, they continue. This attitude makes the game susceptible to offenses like the dead hand.

The dead hand is an act performed by the dealer. Upon execution of the act, the hand at play is declared void. Although the strictness varies during online games, players will be let loose and impulse to a greater possibility of error and informalities.

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