HUNTER - Happy and thriving in his new Forever Home! Thank you Rocky Mountain Rescue for facilitating this happy ending.

Lexi lives now on a horse ranch.   Great girl
who adopted a small dog from me a few years ago.
Her boyfriend has two little girls. 
He loved Lexi!  Came to meet Dexter, but picked Lexi immediately... Fell in love instantly, they cuddled the whole time.



Thank you Cheryl and Steve for helping transport 2 lucky dogs to Rocky Mountain Rescue in Canmore, Canada.

Gracias a Cheryl y Steve por ayudar a transportar 2 afortunados perros a Rocky Mountain Rescue en Canmore, Canada.

Vito y Frida buen viaje!

This lovely Lab was such a sweet boy when he was at the LCHS Center - we adored him. He now has the perfect home in Canada thanks to Rocky Mountain Rescue and the wonderful family that adopted him. He is looking pretty content! Thanks RMR.

smokey - caboSMOKEY Looks pretty content in her new home! Thank you Rocky Mountain Rescue!
CABO PITUFOThis is ERNIE - his name was PITUFO at the LCHS Adoption Center - it means "SMURF"... All of the volunteers and staff were absolutely in love with him because he has such a gentle personality and cute little lovey face....

We are so happy that he has a forever home - it brings tears to the eyes to see how content he is... Thanks to RMR and his new family!
CABO EDDYEDDY looks so happy and comfortable in his new home with his family... he must be in heaven!

LCHS is grateful to Rocky Mountain Rescue for taking him and finding him a happy future.


Coffee arrived at the LCHS Adoption Cente when she was only 2 months old.. She was a terrified tiny girl, and she would not come out of her kennel - she did not want to walk or interact at all. With patience and love, the LCHS Volunteeers and staff slowly taught her that she would never be hurt or afraid again, and that she was loved and safe.
She started to feel more confident after about a week, and within 3 weeks, she was a bouncy, animated ball of fluff that made everyone fall in love with her! Many Volunteers got attached to her because she is such a sweet puppy.

Now she lives in Canada, thanks to Rocky Mountain Rescue. She has a little girl named Tiffany and, from what they tell us, they are very attached to one another. Thanks to all involved for saving Coffee!

CABO BENJO"Benji was brought to the LCHS because he was "old"and his family didn't want him any more.

Benji is between 10 and 12 years but a very sweet boy - and now a very lucky boy thanks to the Los Cabos Humane Society Adoption Centre & Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue in Canmore, AND great people like Jessica and her husband,,"

Just wanted to let you know how Pia is doing.

She is healing really well and is playing with Konza a lot. She is learning to sit and stay and to take treats politely from your hand. She is also learning to sit and stay at mealtimes until she has permission to eat instead of knocking you over to get to her bowl. She loves attention and pets and scratches. She is a really loving and sweet dog and we think she would probably do best in a home where she is an "only" as she desperately needs lots of attention and love. She likes her crate and goes in there whenever she needs some time alone and also goes in willingly when we put her in there when leaving the house.

Yesterday we took a walk at Fish Creek Park and she did not like it when other people came near, but we were able to calm her down easily by talking to her and petting her. She didn't seem too fazed by other dogs, but there were only two others that we saw and they didn't come very near us.

(Also, we had a little doggie birthday party yesterday for Konza because he was a year old yesterday! Our little boy is growing up!)

Thanks to Rocky Mountain Rescue these little guys have a beautiful place to be while they await loving homes.

We are very grateful to Rocky Mountain Rescue for their efforts to rescue our Cabo dogs!