Pawsitive Match out of Calgary has wonderful homes waiting for our Cabo doggies. Alaska and West Jet are the only airlines flying to Calgary that will allow doggies in the cargo area of the plane. Please help us transport these wonderful doggies to their new home in Calgary. If you are flying - please let us know if you would be willing to help us by escorting a dog or cat. Join our Travel Escort Team

YAYA - We're happy to report that Yaya is doing great. Here's what her adopter sent us): Hello! Yaya has settled in very well to our family. We did not change her name, and yes she is keeping us very busy with playing toys and going for walks every day. She loves going for car rides and is very good in the vehicle. Next month we will be taking her on her first camping holiday. We were never told where she originally came from, and what the circumstances of her being at the original shelter were..

Another "happy tail"!  

MAYA - We are very pleased to let you know how Arana (now Maya) is cherished in her new home. Here's what her adopter had to say (and I've attached a photo, too): Arana has a new name. " MAYA" She is doing fabulously in our home.
She was a foster failure. I could not let her go. She was the reason I started fostering with Positive Match. I just had this feeling about her I can't explain it. I had finally got to foster her and that was that. She gets along well with my other two little dogs. She is such a good girl. I call her my soul dog. We just have this unreal bond that I can't explain. Everyone loves her. She is a very special dog. We are so happy to have her in our family.

Maya just loves to play with her chicken. She has even fell asleep on her chicken.  
Another "happy tail"!  

ESTRELLA - My name is Angelica and we adopted Estrella from Pawsitive match rescue foundation nine months ago. I just wanted to send some pictures of her daily life here in Calgary. She is one lovely girl and her true self is starting to come out. She loves squeaky toys, big bones, small bones and medium bones. She stores food inside shoes, under the bed and inside pillows, I guess for the zombie apocalypse (she will have a decent storage of food and bones). She loves her furry sister and have marathons running up and down the house. Although one thing she does not like is snow and cold! I guess been from Los Cabos is understandable her aversion to cold.

As you can see from the pictures even if she is bundled up and with booties, it takes a lot of effort to take her out for walks in the Calgarian weather. But I'm sure she will get accustomed (she has better booties now).  
She is loved by all the family and she understands two languages English and Spanish! Because of a recent family loss my Mom was devastated but Estrella's presence, love and attention have improved my Mother's state of mind and heart. She has made us all better people and she is the sugar in our lives! Thanks for rescuing her and giving us the opportunity of having her in our lives.  

Hola LCHS, I hope everyone is doing great out there!  I wanted to send along a quick update about 'Maria' now named 'Hazel'. As you may recall, we adopted Hazel in April of 2014. She has come a long way since first arriving in Canada! She is now fully house trained, knows a few tricks (sit, down, shake a paw, roll over), and has some new Canadian pals at the doggy daycare she frequents. We recently enrolled her in an agility/obedience class in hopes to build her confidence and to get some exercise - mind and body - during our cold winters where outdoor walks are kept short. We just completed her fourth week in class and she loves it!
The movie attached shows her running through the course with speed and agility! I had a hard time keeping up with her :) I have noticed a huge improvement in her obedience and loyalty towards us. Best of all, she is becoming more confident and less scared of being around larger breed dogs. I think she is starting to realize that she is safe and that we will protect her no matter what! It's so great to see her really shine as she is such a wonderful pup. We love her so much!  Through Hazel's adoption, my husband and I have decided that we would like to open our home up to other dogs in need of a safe environment until they find their forever home. We are becoming foster parents and Hazel will be a little foster sister! My Family, Hazel included, would like to thank your team again for the wonderful work you do to save these animals' lives. Without your hard work we would never have met our sweet Hazel :) I hope you enjoy the video of Hazel shining on the agility course!  -- Cheers, Breanne

"...Attached is a photo of the 'best dog in the world, my Zorro, or as I like to call him Zorrito pequito'.  Just so he won't forget his heritage I speak to him in my limited tourist spanish.  Gracias..."
cabo zorro

Just updating you that JACOB is at his new home and thanking you so much for arranging all of this :) Your guys are amazing and thanks for working with me :) Appreciate it very much. He is beautiful and so gentle... We are so happy and are blown away with how smart he is! The ride home was good, he laid in the back so quietly and we made a few stops to wonder and water...last night it snowed a lot and I wish I would have had my camera because it was priceless...he pounced around and had a huge snowflake on his nose for the longest cute. Here are a few pics of the last 24 hours, including an early morning snuggle!  Will keep in touch :)

looks like she is in love! Here she is with her new best friend... This big girl is so sweet and we are grateful to Pawsitive Match for finding her such a wonderful home.

NEGRA - in CANADA NOW... Check her out in her new home!  They love her and she loves their other dobie.  Awwww.  They send weekly updates to the volunteer that processed their application :) Thanks Pawsitive Match!

Update on BO...
Bo is still doing well! Last spring he tipped the scales at 124 lbs :), His hips do bother him but it doesn't stop him from chasing deer and playing soccer with the kids.... So far, no health issues other than his hips....he is still a huge part of our family!Take care and enjoy the Mexican Sunshine! 

bo in Cabo
Post, adoption story......... As you can see in the pics, Ben (we call him Bo) is doing very well!  He is HUGE! That is a full size dog bed from Costco and he fills it out!  He has grown out of his "puppy" awkwardness and is filling out well, his hips seem to be better, but he is still slow to get up in the morning off of his bed and is a little tentative to get in and out of our truck.  He is the sweetest, kindest dog and really know that we are his family!  He has been very easy to train and is a big fan of milkbones and belly rubs (hence the picture!).  He comes when he's called and sits very well, he still doesn't realize how big he is and has bowled over the kids on occasion! He is somewhere around 100 pounds!  Just after Christmas we became the proud parents of a Bernese Mountain Dog who needed a new family so Bo now has a new playmate and best friend!  They are inseparable and are really the best of friends, they even share food with each other!  I have been working on getting a good picture of him for a while but in true puppy form, they never sit still long enough to get a good shot!

Chago is THE biggest snuggle bug I've ever met :)

The big dogs at the Los Cabos Humane Society always have a difficult time getting adopted. They often stay 8-12 months having to live in their kennels day in and day out, waiting for someone to adopt them.

(right) Chago sleeping with his dog sister and daddy!! Man does that dog fall asleep instantly and into a deep sleep complete with snoring!!


We are grateful that Chago got his forever home right away when Pawsitive Match Rescue Representative, Lisa, fell in love with him and gave him a new life up in Canada!

CABO MILAGRO MILAGRO was a resident of LCHS Adoption Center for close to 3 years... She was our 'Mascot'. She was very nuturing to new puppies and disciplinary with dogs who misbehaved. She was known as "The Mom"! A sweet, wise and knowing older girl - we really miss her.
We at LCHS are so happy that she has found loving people to care for her for the rest of her life. Thank you to Pawsitive Match and to Milagro’s wonderful new parents.
CLICK HERE to read what Milagro's mom, Alias, writes in her Incredible story of love and devotion.

MILAGRO, DAMIAN and YOKO on their way to Calgary, thank you Pat for transporting them and thank you PAWSITIVE MATCH RESCUE for finding homes for them! Milagro was at the LCHS Adoption Center for almost 3 years and Damian was a long time resident of about a year too! Luckily little Yoko did not have to spend too much time with us. We are very ahppy for all of them and are glad that they will have loving home and wonderful lives - thanks to Pawsitve Match!

Linda Hinde and her mother transport DUBA and COLI, the old lab up to Calgary. Just goes to show that you are never too old to help escort or to get adopted!

Thanks to Linda and her mom, Varnita Hewitt and Pawsitve Match, both of these lucky dogs will get great homes!
Cabo DuendeDUENDE visits the Senior center once a week he went up with Cabo Dogs, Mindy and Dave adopted him, they just could not let him go. Pretty cool.
Hi there, We are a couple from Canada that adopted a dog through Pawsitive Match in Calgary. We have since moved to Toronto Canada (our home town). The dog we adopted is Motita. We were told that she was a dachshund crossed with a spaniel.
We got her about three years ago and she has grown up to be a very happy dog!! My wife CABO MOTITAand I are planning a trip to Los Cabos in the near future and we wondered if we might come by and see your facility?

Kind regards Richard & Laura


She is now Lucy) because she is such a clown. We thought of Lucille Ball and also we have a Charlie Brown so Lucy just seemed to fit. We wanted a companion for Charlie and she just couldn't be a better fit if we had her custom made for him. They will even share a bone. They play very well together and get along in all things. She is a treat for us and is totally claiming us as her pack now. She even Our only real issue is that about 3 times a week she is still having an accident in the house, but we are patiently working with her in that area. Every pee free day is a milestone. We absolutely adore her like I said she is just a little clown and loves to please everybody. She walks well on leash and is even good on the off leash area with her new brother. She is extremely smart and learns very quickly. I think we may take her to dog classes this summer if time permits.

I have said more that once we really lucked out with Lucy she is the best little dog and we love her to pieces. She also tolerates 3 very old and grumpy cats with no issues at all. What can I say? We think she is the best. Thank you again to all who helped Lucy along the road to her new forever family.

The Fossen Family Ken, Connie and Charlie Brown and the old cats as well George, Emily and Butch


To be honest, I've been trying to come up with how to describe how positively Easton (Don) has impacted my life. I just can't come up with the words!

In some ways, I feel like I've had him forever - I can't imagine him not being a part of my life, and it's only been a few months. In other ways, we're definitely still getting to know eachother - we have our first obedience clas this Friday! He is absolutely still a puppy, I say he gets "crazy eyes" because at times he will just start pouncing around the house or the yard! Not chasing anything in particular, but just running, running, running! Although his legs are so long it's more of a gallop, which of course, is the most adorable thing ever! He'll do this for about 5 minutes and the collapse in a heap and take a good nap! It makes me laugh every time!

People keep telling me he must be in his teenage stage now (he's about 9 months) because he's stopped cuddling with me and would much prefer to lay on his bed alone! I'm hoping he'll grow out of it and I can get a few more cuddles in!

He has only ever had a handful of "accidents" and has become quite accustomed to heading to the back door when he wants to go outside. He had great fosters that started house training him before I got him, and for that, I am incredibly thankful!

He has fit in incredibly well with my active lifestyle. My baseball and kickball teammates love having a mascot at all of our games! I've started taking him on 5km runs with me, and although I don't think he appreciates the 5:30am wake-up, he's definitely starting to get a bit more used to it! I live near a dog park and he quite enjoys heading out to the field for some off-leash time. We're still working on being more comfortable with other dogs, but as you can see from the pictures, that's coming along nicely! I have a number of friends who have puppies as well, so we've been scheduling a number of puppy playdates so that he won't be as timid and scared around other dogs (or his reflection, which again, is super adorable!). He has been absolutely phenomenal with kids - my nephews love him, and he seems to understand that he can't play with them the same way he plays with adults. He's very gentle, always giving out kisses (whether they're wanted or not)

I've attached a few of my favorite pictures, feel free to pass them on. As well, please pass on my gratitude for the organization and everything they do for these animals. I used to think I was the one who would be providing a rescue dog with a better life, but in fact, it was the rescue dog who has provided me with so much more than I ever could have imagined.

Sincerely, Kristy VandeGraft


I'm finally getting back to you regarding Fiddes (aka Sugar Ray). He's doing great: still bouncing like he's made of springs, and loving his walks. He has gone hiking in Kananaskis with us several times, and I am worn out well before he is! He is very affectionate - we couldn't have asked for a more loving dog. Our living room is littered with chew toys; it takes me back to the days when I had toddlers leaving their toys everywhere!

We have two cats. One of them (the older one) mostly ignores Fiddes and occasionally hisses if he gets too close. The other has become a playmate for Fiddes, though it took her a while to accept him. They seem to enjoy games of chase and good-natured nosing (on his part) and gentle swatting (on her part).

Fid the Kid likes to curl up at our feet at bedtime. (The first several nights he was here, I turned on the "ocean" noise on the clock radio/white-noise machine in the bedroom; that really seemed to calm him.) He wakes me in the morning with a nose in my face, a joyful wriggle, and much tail-wagging.

He stays in his crate when we go out. He usually gets a walk in the morning after breakfast, and one in the evening. Fiddes has made several canine acquaintances in our neighbourhood and down in Fish Creek Park. He's learning to play fetch, and I'm teaching him to ring a bell when he wants to go out, since he rarely barks and I can't always keep my eye on him. He's put on little bit of weight, but is still a wiry little fellow.
He loves children. There is an Hispanic family at the end of our street and Fiddes was very excited to hear them speaking Spanish one day in front of their house. (Could he be responding to the sound/rhythms of the language? I'm not entirely sure that makes sense, but it sure seemed like that was the case.) The two little girls who live there like to pet him and visit with him if they're out when we go for walks. He loves that - he wants to be everybody's friend!

He's curled up at my feet now. He doesn't seem to mind thunder - just happy to be with his people, and to be warm, fed and dry on a stormy night. We want to thank everyone at Pawsitive Match and their affiliates for bringing him to us. He's a really special little guy. I am attaching some pictures so you can see for yourself!

Best, Leslie Hedley


as she is now known, is doing awesome! She had a visit to the groomers, where she behaved beautifully, so she now has her summer cut. I think she is much cuter looking with longer fur, but her coat had been so neglected, she had to be shaved.

She loves her off-leash walks at the ravine by our house and her relationship with Ella, the 3-year old dog that was here before Stevie arrived, continues to develop. She likes laying outside in the sunshine, loves to play and wrestle, and really enjoys chasing Ella through the brush of the ravine.


We've had no training issues, (although she does love to bark) in fact that is the reason I decided to adopt my 2nd foster...she is almost perfect!

When we stop & chat with people in the park, I always speak of my success in adopting rescue dogs. I think Pawsitive should provide some printed materials for display on the park board and that there should be some Edmonton adoption events.

Thanks for volunteering your time & energy for such a worthy cause.... Andrea


We were travelling in Alberta for a little over a month. She's great in the Moterhome and seems to know the difference between gas stations where she watches out the window and rest areas where she gets to go for a walk. She seems to love every one even small kids .

She's settled in at home beautifully . We walked the trail a couple of times with the leash and then tried without , she sticks very close and waits at the gate to put on her leash for the road , I reminded her the first couple of times and after that she sat when she got to the same spot .

She does act as if the ferns are going to reach and grab her and does perfer pavement over wet grass .

We've been walking (1 dog at time )with my friend who has 3 Chinese Crested ,GG (she doesn't seem to reconize Princess ) got on with them all with a short "you're getting close " growl to the male . She's been eating K9 Natural Freeze Dried DogFood with extra water in it and hasn't had any bathroom problems but she drinks next to no water so the wet dog food probaly helps ...

DOMINIQUE (Now "Nikka")

In a nutshell, she has fit into the family since the moment she jumped into the car, the “popisan” chair in the living room is now the “pupisan”, she is great with the neighborhood kids as well as out seven year old, and she has made great friends with the five other dogs on the street and has play dates several times a week.

In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined an easier to train, more well adjusted puppy! Her only drawback is she has made me go against my lifelong rule of no dogs in the bed…


We are so incredibly happy and so grateful we were able to adopt dearest Mandy! We have changed her name to "BELLA"... She is a wonderful little doggie!!! As you no doubt recall she was pregnant when we got her and no one had any idea... So she was not quite herself... I ended up nicknaming her "BELLIES"..

She is my sweetheart!! So friendly and happy now since her surgery and much more relaxed and comfortable in her new surroundings.. It must have been quite a change for her coming from such a hot climate as Cabo San Lucas. She is doing remarkably well! Everyday we go for walks in our neighborhood of Canyon Meadows, which has numerous parks and walkways to enjoy. She bounds along so happy smelling this and that, running around with her "extenda-leash" which can go out to 16 feet!! She discovered the little river at Babbling Brook the other day... at first very unsure of the water but a little coaxing she was in and out bouncing through the water like a crazy bat!! So cute!! She brings a smile to my face everyday I come home from work wagging her tail and flopping at my feet like a bean bag..

My husband works from home so he is able to keep an eye on her throughout the day. I love going for walks with her!! It is the highlight of my day.. Rain or shine.. I'm out with her. She loves our yard and runs around like a fire ball! Such energy! A very different dog then when we first brought her home.. She already has her favorite chair she likes to sleep in and sometimes she sleeps in her doggie bed at night with us! We also have a yorkie-poo named Buttonz.. they get along great! I am so fortunate to have been able to give Bella a forever home.. thanks to Pawsitive Match!


She is awesome! We changed her name from Mama to Roxi and she gets on
really really well with Rufus our adopted boy from last year :) They are the same size and play all the time!! They also sleep together on the end
of my daughter's bed! I will attach a couple of pics one of them sleeping and of them both snuggling with my Hubby. She is still very wary of bigger dogs and feels that she is in trouble if we ask her to Sit or anything, so we are working slowly with her and letting her adjust in the time she needs.

Around our summer trailer property and home she is off lease and stays close and listens when called. We haven't tried her off leash yet at the dog park but that will be in the next little while!

She has had a few accidents around the home but nothing that a little reminder doesn't help! She knows where to go outside and again listens so with some more repetition she will be just fine! She has been in to meet our vet and did awesome! She sits still when we cut her nails and although she doesn't like it she also lets us bath her. She is amazing with all three of our children and loves them all and lets them play with her when
ever they want to. Cheers TJ

SAMANTHA (now renamed Luna)

Luna is doing so well. Thanks so much for everything. She is a great running partner for me! And she is so good around the kids.

Just three accidents. All at the same time each day, so we are just making sure to let her out at that time.She respects the cat, but does want to play a little more than the cat does--which is pretty cute.

Loves the kids, but we are working on reducing the puppy biting and not jumping and licking faces--but it is all within developmental norm ranges for a dog her age. And she knows her toys. Which is great.





Luna was with us at the LCHS Center for many months - she was one of the most happy, excited dogs who always wanted to go out and RUN RUN RUN... She could never get enough exercise.

We are SO happy that she now has a happy home - and she finally looks calm and content. Thank you Pawsitive Match!

Her new mom writes:"She is just a right addition in our family. I think she is happy and settles in quite smoothly:)".

Koko - Things are great, she did have a name change and is now Koko! She is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. We are a perfect match and I feel like I got a little pup that was made for me. Koko is my first dog and while there were a few adjustments it was so easy! We just blended together perfectly. She is definitely the queen of the household and everyone who has met her is too in love for words. We love to snuggle, go for walks, go for car rides and be outside. She has also learned how to sit, dance, shake a paw, and kiss mom (my favourite)!
Koko definitely keeps me busy but I couldn't be happier. We have nicknamed her loco Koko because she is a wild one, but in the best way. It's crazy to me that a little 8lb dog can have so much personality. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for the past 5 years, and I had kind of accepted that it would be a part of my life forever with little reprieve, but not since getting Koko. My anxiety is so much better controlled and her love for me and vice versa truly makes my life infinitely better. I now live a life much less anxiety filled and I have little Koko Bean to thank. I can't thank pawsitive match enough for the support and for bringing me together with the love of my life. My fur baby.

Another "happy tail"!  

Scout - Things are great, she did have a name change and is now Koko! She is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. We are a perfect match and I feel like I got a little pup that was made for me. Koko is my first dog and while there were a few adjustments it was so easy! We just blended together perfectly. She is definitely the queen of the household and everyone who has met her is too in love for words. Here's another great adoption story; the adopter of Tia (now Scout) sent us this (along with photos): Tia's new name is Scout. She has settled in quite well or rather has quite successfully wrapped me around her wee little paw nicely ;) We successfully completed a month long training session in February and are looking at enrolling her in a three month program soon. Once she completes that, depending on the outcome, I am going to look into having her be a therapy dog for seniors. We will be driving to Vancouver Island as well as doing some hiking and camping this summer. Scout has come to my office a few times and is always welcome even though our building is animal free. She doesn't like elevators so I don't take her often.
Scout has charmed the staff at her daycare so they always look forward to her days there as they get extra special snuggles and kisses. We have moved to a third floor apt and she loves to lie on the balcony observing her "queendom" below. Scout is a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle and I can't imagine my life without her. Thank you for rescuing her and bringing her to me!!!

Another "happy tail"!