FUR-ever homes
FUR-EVER Homes Rescue in Canada is a rescue for small dogs, however from time to time a big beautiful canine finds its way into the rescue and gets lap dog love from our volunteers.
Fur-Ever Homes Rescue has been instrumental in transporting and placing many of our Cabo Rescues over the last two years. We would like to thank them for all they have done. The following are some of their stories.
Meet all of their adoptable dogs @ Fur-everhomesrescue.com Carmen Zvonik
President, Adoptions
Fur-Ever Homes Rescue Society

I actually kept his name as Dex, I thought he had already been through enough changes that keeping his name would be best. I have attached a few pictures of him. One is sporting his new jacket, one is him helping (more like waiting for food to fall) cooking dinner and one is him snuggling in between me and Kenny (my boyfriend). He is so full of energy and loves being around Kenny and I, I have caught the boys a few times sleeping on the couch together.  He is still not a fan of snow and may take some getting used to what all this cold stuff is lol.  He has not barked since he has come home but will whine when he wants to come in from outside.  I love having Dex as part of the family and he has added alittle more excitement to ours.  Everytime I show people his picture they instantly fall in love with him.  DEX_Picture


As I sit here on this cold Calgary day with my cozey Sugar
( you called her Yana ) snuggled up IN my blanket with me,
I got to thinking about how thankful
I am for your organization for rescuing her and getting her to me.
She's a highlight of every one of my days. Thank you!


Cashew was adopted almost 1 year ago, and this little chihuahuas struck gold in his new home. He has non stop love from his mummy and daddy and fur-brother.

We could not be more pleased to see this dog go from hunger to happily ever after. Thank you F.H.R.S and LCHS 

FUR EVER HOMES RESCUEThis is Bella, formerly Rox at LCHS.

As a former foster with Fur Ever Homes, I committed the ultimate foster fail. I fell in love. I didn't even get her home before the thoughts of a perfect fit ran through my head. Bella was a rescue from Mexico. Extremely loving, and a beautiful specimen of the "pitbull" breed.

Not only did she warm our hearts and win over my "no more pets" husband, but Magically she healed our male pitbull (her now brother). Her brother suffered from allergies, and as a result of these allergies he would get ear infections, then would scratch, gouge and bleed. He barely had any fur on his head. We had figured out the allergies, but the ear infections were relentless... Until Bella. Her mothering instinct kicked in, and she cleaned him starting immediately. We've been over a year without a break out, and the last one didn't even need antibiotics.

When I got pregnant Bella instinctively knew. And though she was still filled with puppy energy, she wouldn't play hard with me. When I went into labour her whole demenor changed. She was calm yet concerned. And though she had never been with a newborn before she just knew. She loves her little human brother. She kisses him often, inspects when he cries, and knows to be extra gentle around him. We are so blessed to have this beauty with us.

Cabo EmilyEMILY

"...She was spending her weekend camping. We go every weekend and she absolutely loves it. She wants everyone at Fur-Ever Homes to know she is doing amazing! We love her to pieces."

...Thanks FurEver Homes Rescue!


This is Seamus participating in this years Dog Jog. As you can see, he is one happy and healthy boy!

We fostered Seamus in November of last year, and formally adopted him in December. He has been the greatest joy in our lives! Everyday we fall more and more in love with him.

Thank you Fur-Ever Homes Rescue for bringing us all together! 


Sleeping in bliss :) in her new home ! A world away from her cement kennel in Cabo!

Thank you Fur-ever homes rescue

"My name is Snuggle Pup but 6 weeks ago,I was just another unwanted dog left at the Los Cabos Humane Society. Some other kennel mates told me that the lucky cats and dogs were adopted quickly and went to forever homes, On Nov 14" it happened to me! I was chosen by a little girl who fell in love with me and told her mother that I was the only dog she ever wanted.

Now i live in a nice warm house in a place called Calgary . I have a lot of adventures and one special part of the day is after the baby eats. I quickly jump up in the high chair and lick all the goodies left behind. I have to be fast though, before they find me.

It is pretty cold up here right now but I do my business quickly and get a lot of indoor exercise running up and down 3'flights of stairs, playing with the kids, greeting people at the door and just generally loving life,So tell my friends at the shelter, I am doing fine. The little girl who picked me loves me so much and even her big brother thinks I am pretty cool and best of all the big guy ,they call dad seems to like me too...
Snuggle Pup"

Ps my granddaughter looked at all the dogs that day and zeroed in on this Cabo mix,, her mother was interested in another dog but Georgia would have nothing to do with it! I was visiting today and noticed that as soon as the baby was taken from the high chair, SP was able to jump in and proceeded to eat the left overs.. Very cute .. Sleeps like a cat at night around my daughters head when she isn't sleeping In the kids rooms. So our kennel residents are real characters...SNuggle Pup i the Snow...

Snuggle Pup loves being out in the lake with all the kids and activity,, ( Windermere BC) but is yappy around other dogs, and supposedly the Yorkie in her,, Georgia who is 4, picked her from the shelter in November,. Snuggle Pup ( named by Georgia ) sleeps most nights curled around my daughters head like a cat but always starts the night in one of the children's bedroom s then moves,,, she has it all figured out,,

At the lake the Kids skate to town on right, guys ice fish, Panorama ski hill is in background hidden by clouds,, Kids would rather be there than with us!!

Hi there!
I thought I would give you an update on Chevelo (now Chuy)!
We brought chewy home 4 months ago, and things have been great!
He's such a funny dog, and I tell people he's addicted to love. If u sit down or when we go to bed he's always right there. And if his sister Lana comes for some love he gets very jealous and pushes her out of the way lol we are working on it 
He's the perfect cuddle buddy weather it be with me or Lana. Him and Lana get along so well! Just like brother and sister should! They play and chase each other around the house, they sleep together most of the time, and yes... They get into trouble together as well!
I was kind of hesitant about getting another dog at first, I was so worried that Lana would think that we didn't love her the same - as silly as that sounds -
But it really was the best thing we could have done! Chewy has made our little family complete!
Thank you for bringing him into our lives by doing the work you do! ..........................- Patty Underhill


One of the most loving and beautiful Pitbulls we have ever had here at LCHS.... ANYA, Fur-ever-home volunteer fell in love and HAD TO take him to find him a good home.

Well it did not take more than a week and RUDY, this 100% sweetheart of a PITbull is happily in his
FUR-EVER-HOME!!!!!! THANK YOU CARMEN, ANYA and everyone else at FUR-EVER HOMES, who work so hard to get our Cabo dogs adopted and saved!!!!


UPDATE on RUDY, One year later...

Rudi may look like a big bad pit bull, but do not let this guy fool you - he hangs with the chihuahuas all day long. He is gentle and affectionate, super needy and very loved in his fur-ever home.

Jaclyn & Jason have their hands full with this Mexican dream boy. Thank you to Fur-ever Homes Rescue for taking a chance on this guy and thank you to the Los Cabos Humane Society for taking him into the shelter.

Thank you FurEver Home Rescue and Catherine Weaver for transporting him!
CHIBBI camino a Clagary, thank you FurEver Home Rescue and Catherine Weaver por ayudarnos a transportarlo!

To see CHUBBI so content: Cuddling with his new buddy, enjoying a treat and in a position of PURE RELAXATION AND HAPPINESS makes everyday we spend rescuing these animals worth it! He was so sad and despondant when he was in the Adoption Center - this transformation is truly miraculous. We wish it could be a reality for all of our dogs and cats! THANK YOU FOR RESCUING.CABO CHUBBI

I adopted Chico(now called Teddy) on April 13,2013. He is a great little
fellow ! He has settled in nicely in our home. Loves his daily walks, new
toys and chasing a ball in the backyard. He's toilet trained and learning to
sit, stay and come.
Thank you so much Fur Ever Homes Rescue for bringing him here from the Los Cabos Humane Society.
- Ann and Bob Smyth

We got her, Yay. She is doing fantastic. She's met the other dogs, had a nap and eaten. Thought I'd attach a couple of pics as she seems to be fitting in quite nicely already, first one with our chi diesel and second it was a long ride to her new furever home. Thank you so much for everything and to you and your organization for all the wonderful things you do.CABO GRACIE


Yury & Fivi would have never know after their long journey they would end up being adopted together.

These lucky girls will never be alone again, Thanks to Fur-Ever Homes Rescue!


JOEL, now 'Danny' went up to Calgary with FUR-EVER HOMES RESCUE.
Here he is with his fur brother, relaxing after a day of play!

Thank you to his adopters and to Fur-Ever Home Rescue for giving him 'The Good Life'.

CABO LUNASweet Luna enjoyed her first time at the groomer as she pranced off to her new home.

A big thank you to her fosters Brenda & Tom and to her wonderful adopters.
CABO RICKYRicky has been in Calgary for less than 2 weeks and would not even stop wiggling to pose with his new family. This very smart and very active poodle
has start his journey.
BAMBI - CABO BAMBIWe adopted Bambi, the mini poodle mix from cabo, mid march of this year.  I've been meaning to send along an update for a while now....
Our eldest son Asher renamed him Melman. He was inspired by the neurotic giraffe from the Madagascar movies. Melman is quite the character and never ceases to amuse us.

He settled in very quickly and couldn't be happier playing with all six of our kids. Although, he and our youngest are constantly fighting for attention- often nudging each other off the lap of myself or Nico.
Thanks again for making such a perfect match! We iove him to bits!
FUR-EVER HOMES RESCUE took PERLA up North and found a wonderful home for her. Here she is with her new buddy! Thanks Fur-Ever Homes Rescue - great work!CABO PERLA
CABO Sally

Sally went up North with FUR-EVER Homes Rescue. She was in their facility on her first day there and was downstairs having a play when an adopter fell in love with her. She was not even there for 24 hours. That is one lucky girl.

She can hardly sit still and she is eager to play with her new sister Dixie.
We know she will have a better life in her new forever home.


Such a sweet dog when she arrived at the LCHS Adoption Center - A street dog from Cabo San Lucas, now she lives in the snow and has some good friends, as it appears.


CABO BOLAFur-ever Homes Dog Rescue flew Bola up to Calgary and hopefully she will find a forever home very soon..

.. And like most Mexican dogs, Bola loves the snow.. Go figure..  

Maybe Bola just knows this bright beautiful cold place  will bring her good luck..

CABO HONEYI just wanted to let you know that Honey has settled in very well here in Cremona. She seems to know that this is her forever home!

We love her very much and she shows us every day how much she loves us. Honey had her picture taken last Friday so I included it here as well as a few other pictures. Thank you so very much for being YOU, and helping to unite us with our Honey Bear! Have a Blessed Week!

Honey came from The Los Cabos Humane Society, in Baja Mexico...

CABO LIzzy'Princess Lizzy' was brought in from The Los Cabos Humane Society with her mom (Mini) and twin sister (Sassy). Her sweet personality and unique look made her the perfect family pet.
CABO Bella BlueBella and Blue were roommates at the Los Cabos Humane Society Adoption Center. From Mexico they made the long journey to Canada. Once they arrived they were blessed to be adopted together and they will always have each other to lean on.
I have now adopted 2 dogs from the Los Cabos Humane Society through Fur-ever Homes Rescue. CABO pixieIt brings tears to my eyes to think that these deserving little dogs struggled for years before I found them. This is a wonderful organization and I cannot thank you all enough for bringing my 2 Chihuahuas home to Canada.

Candy traveled all the way to Canada to get adopted by a wonderful mexican family... The good thing is that she is already bi-lingual! She is a gentle and loving dog and we are so glad she has her forever home finally.


CABO KISSES'Kisses' (AKA Ebony) was rescued from The Los Cabos Humane Society and made her long journey the Canada.

This match made in heaven landed her in the loving hands of Daryl & Kristen, I say hands because this girl is just tiny and will likely stay that way.

She loves her big brother Scout a 100lb Golden Retriever and spends her afternoons swinging from his tail.

Cricket's been with me for almost two months now and has, quite literally, transformed my life with her bouncy personality and love of fun and adventure! She hardly ever sits still, so the attached pictures are rare in their clarity. Thanks to her Furever Homes foster mom, she came to me crate trained, and she's doing pretty well with "sit," "down," and "come." But she's still a very young puppy, so we're working together on learning our manners and are enrolled in puppy classes at Sit Happens! A Mini Schnauzer mixed with jumping bean, Cricket loves chewing her Kongs and trying to get my two cats to play with her. She enjoys hot dogs and carrots, but if there's a dried liver treat involved, she'll try her best to do anything I ask of her!

Thanks so much for all your great work -- and for bringing Cricket into my life!

CABO MINIRight from the time we brought Mini home we knew she was a perfect match. She is such a sweet, cuddly and funny little pup! She has been a true blessing to us, providing so much unconditional love and affection. We are simply over the moon in love with her!
Mini doesn’t have an ill-mannered bone in her little body. She absolutely loves meeting new dogs and enjoys being the center of attention. She is quiet and calm, but loves to race and fetch outside. She has settled in to a great routine with us, and we’re getting very good at reading each other. If ever we had an idea of a “perfect” dog….Mini is definitely it!!